Groomed to Serve

Chand Bagh School

Fully Residential Since 1998

Chand Bagh School

A Legacy of Excellence

Established in 1998, Chand Bagh School is one of Pakistan’s finest schools, with a strong intellectual heartbeat, an unequivocal commitment to social service, and a curriculum that develops leadership. Explore our diverse and vibrant community that makes a home for future leaders.


Nurturing Intellectual Curiosity: Dive into our rigorous curriculum designed to foster critical thinking and academic excellence.


Championing Athletic Excellence: Discover our commitment to sports, where students are trained to compete, collaborate, and excel.

Co-Curricular Activities

Fostering Creative Talents: Explore a world beyond textbooks, where students express, innovate, and shine in diverse activities.


Chand Bagh School

At Chand Bagh School, we pride ourselves on offering a holistic educational experience that goes beyond the classroom. Dive deeper into what makes our institution a beacon of academic excellence, tradition, and community.

The Founder

Chand Bagh School was established in 1998 by Late Lieutenant General (Retired) Ghulam Jilani Khan, former Governor Punjab to provide quality education to all the cadres of society. The first project of Chand Bagh Foundation, was established by Late Lt Gen Ghulam Jilani Khan on the pattern of his Alma Mater, the Doon School at Dehradun, India. The school opened its doors for students in September 1998. It is fully Residential Public School built over an area of 190 Acres. The picturesque campus presents a well composed canvas of unique architecture and landscape framed by a boundary wall, perfectly in harmony with the vision of the Founding father.

— Lieutenant General (Retired) Ghulam Jilani Khan

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

25 wholesome Years of Memories, Growth, and Friendship – Reliving the Journey in our Chand Bagh School!

Bulletin Board

Stay informed with the latest achievements, events, and milestones from Chand Bagh School’s legacy of excellence.


Graphic Designer

Join Our Creative Team at Chand Bagh! Position: Graphic Designer Location: Visit Gender Preference: Male Key Requirements: Educational Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field. Experience: At least 3 years of relevant work experience. Added Advantage: Experience with boarding school projects. Selection Process: Skills Test/Case Study: Applicants


Catering Manager / Mess-in-Charge

Join the Team at Chand Bagh! Position: Catering Manager / Mess-in-Charge Location: Visit Gender Preference: Male Key Requirements: Educational Qualification: Minimum Masters or Graduate degree in Food & Beverage or Hospitality Management. Experience: Over 5 years as a Catering/Mess/Banquet Manager, with specific experience in hotel industries, college or army


Alumni Reunion 2023

A great day spent with old friends and cherishing memories together- Alumni Reunion 2023!