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Alumni Network

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Chand Bagh School commenced Grade 5, our Foundation class, in February 2013. Since then our junior-most Cbstians are taught how to discipline their lives apart from receiving academic instructions. Being the youngest wards, they are given extra care by their Housemasters, Housemistresses, and teachers.

About Our School

- Fully Residential

- Since 1998

Chand Bagh School is one of Pakistan’s finest schools, with a strong intellectual heartbeat, an unequivocal commitment to social service, a curriculum that develops leadership, and an alumni network with a global reputation.

Chand Bagh School is a residential school with a deep tradition focused on creating brighter futures – explore the diverse and vibrant community that makes a home for future leaders.


The academic program aims to bring out full intellectual potential of each boy.

Alumni Network

Chand Bagh School has an Alumni Network with Global Reputation.


Equal emphasis is placed upon development of independent and creative thinking skills in Information Technology.

Why Choose Chand Bagh?Academic Benefits

Unique State of art academic, research and boarding facilities filled with dynamic perspectives, opportunities and events. It all happens in the vibrant and prestigious setting of Chand Bagh campus on purpose built 190 acres.

The CBS academic vigour offers excellence across disciplines and around the world, specialised academic and English preparation aims for rapid achievement of English proficiency.

Success oriented University and practical life preparation.

Sports & Other Benefits

Extracurricular activities are central to CBS mission and permeate all the campus.

Chand Bagh is a strong advocate of promoting collaboration and inter disciplinary activity initiatives that involve faculty and students.

The rich sports and athletics tradition began in 1998 and continues till this day with CBStians dominance widely acclaimed.

Established in 1998

Chand Bagh has blossomed over the years and is today the home to six hundred students, lodged in eight custom-built Boarding Houses.


The success of such a system depends upon the selection of competent teachers . Great pains are thus taken to select the teachers and to facilitate them in an effective discharge of their duties.

Founder's Vision

To establish an Educational Institution, open to all, irrespective of caste, colour, class and creed; Where they are discouraged to retain prejudices and possessions;

Natural Calamity


Dear Parents

I hope you and your children are healthy and safe with the grace of Allah Almighty. We are taking every possible step to keep our campus free from this Natural Calamity (COVID-19). We all need to take following precautionary measures to save ourselves.

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