Qarshi House

Home away from home. Qarshi House is a unique feature of CBS, that in fact distinguishes Chand Bagh School from all other boarding schools.


It is a junior house that caters just the students from grade 5 up to grade 7. Junior inhouse facilities provides a very caring and comfortable environment to the young boys. The life of young Qarshians is full of fun and joy. They remain engaged in various in house activities as such table tennis, art work, book reading on every Saturday. Cultural evenings are arranged in which students represent their culture of different cities through entertaining performances. This year Qarshians also arranged a Bonfire party that was a tremendous success.


Other Houses


Saigol House





Donor : Mr. Tariq Saigol & Taufiq Saigol

Date : 04-Dec-1995

Named after : In the memory of their father Mian
M. Sayeed Saigol from Saigol Group


ZH House





Donor : Ilyas M. Chaudhary, from Chaudhary Foundation

Date : 26-Aug-2004

Named after : In the memory of his mother Mst. ZubaidaHussain


Abaseen House





Donor : Multiple Donors 

Date : 31-Aug-2001

Named after : Represents Province Khyber Pakhtunkhawa (KPK) formally N.W.F.P


Sanobar House





Donor : Multiple Donors

Date : 22-Aug-2000

Named after : Represents Province (Balochistan)


Mehran House





Donor : Multiple Donors

Date : 30-Aug-2000

Named after : Represents Province (Sindh)


Ghani House





Donor : Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Khan

Date : 18-Feb-2007

Named after : Ghani Group


AJ House

Donor : Mian Muhammad Ahsan & Mr. Javaid Arshad Bhatti from US  Apparel

Date : 21-Apr-1997

Named after : Mian Muhammad Ahsan & Mr. Javaid Arshad Bhatti