Cambridge has cancelled May/June 2020 exam

Dear Parents,

I hope you are keeping your morale high in the midst of these difficult times we all are going through. I pray to Allah Almighty for safety and well-being of you and your family. Ameen!

It goes without saying that COVID-19 has absolutely changed the dynamics of the world but we can even see a window of opportunity through it. As you know that in the wake of new situation we immediately engaged all our faculty members, right after the departure of students, to properly plan E-Teaching / Learning. We kept updating you through SMS Messages about our Class-Wise Whatsapp groups and our official You Tube Channel (

We started, as promised, uploading E-Teaching/ Learning material from April 01, 2020 so that our students remain engaged in the learning process. I am quite happy that a vast majority of students are actively participating in these session. Taking the opportunity, I once again request you to (in case your child has not subscribed our official You Tube Channel and Whatsapp group) ensure that your child joins to get the benefit of these on-line teaching/ learning sessions.

Regarding G-11 (O-Level), Grade-12 & 13 (A Level) Cambridge has cancelled May/June 2020 exam. Cambridge has planned to award grades to students taking evidenced input from school and subject teachers. All students of these grades are required to contact their subject teachers to know the updates. Teachers are already in contact with students (most of them) to strategize and plan according to the new situation. For further updates, in this regard visit our Website and Facebook page.

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Furthermore, we are also planning to open school, if things move positively with reference to COVID-19 and Government permits, from June 2020 onwards.

With warm regards.

Ch. Muhammad Afzal

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