R&D Centre

A key feature of the campus is the Research and Development Centre (RDC) under the aegis of Chand Bagh Foundation (CBF). CBF remains continuously involved in planning, training and reviewing the projects to be undertaken on the campus. Purpose is to make the best use of resources and to make them available to as many students and parents as possible while keeping the high standards envisaged by the founders and the foundation.

Career counseling sessions and admission test sessions are conducted in the highly equipped R&D centre.

The Foundation is fully conscious of the hardships Pakistani Expats face, while earning the ever so significant foreign exchange for the country, regarding education of their children at all levels and would like to make special room for their children. We find it equally important to make available the best educational opportunities to children of expats who decide to come back to Pakistan. While the parents are abroad the friendly yet disciplined atmosphere at Chand Bagh provides a home away from home to these boys.