CEO's Message

Message From The CEO

Acquisition of knowledge is a religious obligation for the Muslims. We are obliged not only to acquire but also to teach and disseminate knowledge. As a nation we are still struggling to take wisdom from our past, reflect and develop an educational system that holds promise for the future.

Chand Bagh is one such place, where thanks to it’s visionaries, supporters and committed staff it is possible to deal with the urgency of situation to achieve goals with the help of resonating resourcefulness of the institution.  At Chand Bagh we started with commitment; kept growing, moving and working consistently in pursuit of better and the best.

I am blessed to be allowed to contribute to this project which twenty years ago, was so very generously put into place by Late General Jilani Khan and his worthy friends. Every day that I work here I feel inspired by the commitment and enthusiasm of our exceptional staff and amazingly diverse body of students.

Mr. Amir Farooq

At Chand Bagh the only commonality is uniqueness and consistence in our efforts to keep it so. Innovation, creativity, novelty and originality are reflected in the campus, the curriculum and the community. Our faith in our next generation is sure to pay us the dividends we seek. In this regard we look forward to support, encouragement and partnership. Let us join our hands and make it our mission to renovate the educational system for a prosperous Pakistan.