Vision & Aim

Founder's Vision

To establish an Educational Institution, open to all, irrespective of caste, colour, class and creed; where pupils are taught not merely through instructions but also through experience to develop into responsible citizens with appreciation for human values, their own heritage and culture; where they learn through activity, sports, outdoor study, individual investigation and efforts employing imaginative methods; where they are discouraged to retain prejudices and possessions; where they proudly perform social services and experience the dignity of physical labour; where they learn to practise humility in victory and generosity in defeat; where they meet their own targets to do their best and not compete with others, under the guidance of their teachers who mentor them with exemplary compassion and devotion, continually develop themselves professionally and are prepared to lead other institutions.

Author – Ghulam Jilani Khan

The Founder

Our Aim

The primary aim of the school is to ensure total realization of boy’s potential with emphasis on building character, intellect and physique. The academic and co-curricular content is, therefore, planned accordingly.

The purpose is to educate and train each boy so that he can contribute fully, his talents, to his community and nation and the world at large. The cornerstone of the school’s philosophy is to teach that the privilege of the strong is to help the weak and of the rich to help the poor.